Charles E. Rice
Charles Rice currently serves as Chairman of Mayport Venture Partners. He is the former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Barnett Banks, Inc., a Florida-based bank holding company which was merged with NationsBank Corp. (now Bank of America) in 1998. At the time, this merger was the largest bank merger for the highest earnings multiple in U.S. banking history. After the merger, he served as Chairman of NationsBank Corp. and, more recently, as Vice Chairman - Corporate Development for Bank of America, before assuming his current position. Mr. Rice retired from the Board of Directors of CSX Corp. (NYSE: CSX) and Sprint, Inc. (NYSE: FON) and still serves on the Board of Directors of Post Properties, Inc. (NYSE: PPS).

During his tenure at Barnett Banks, where he was first named Chief Executive Officer in 1979 and then Chairman in 1984, Mr. Rice participated in over 90 mergers and acquisitions, which culminated in the NationsBank transaction. While serving as its Chief Executive Officer, Barnett Banks' stock price increased from $4.37 per share to $73 per share on a split-adjusted basis. During this same period of time, Barnett Banks' assets grew from $3.7 billion to $41.2 billion and its net income increased from $31 million to $564 million. In 1995, Mr. Rice led the challenge to Florida's law prohibiting banks from selling insurance, which ultimately led to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Barnett Banks' favor, holding that the Florida statute in dispute was pre-empted by Federal law.

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m2m logom2m Imaging Corporation ( m2m Imaging Corporation, f/k/a Supertron Technologies, Inc., makes revolutionary solutions for life sciences applications in the MR (Magnetic Resonance), PET, CT and SPECT analytical, pre-clinical, and clinical research environments. Its MRI coil and accessory portfolio consists of thousands of products that have provided customer solutions for applications stretching through field strengths from 0.2T to 21T. m2m Imaging offers a wide range of clinical and pre-clinical MRI products (including cryogenic coils, phased array coils, and conventional coils), as well as imaging accessories for MRI, PET, CT, SPECT environments (animal beds, phantoms, physiological monitoring, and heating), and has often made custom coils for specific applications.

Outside the Classroom, Inc. (
Outside The Classroom is an educational company that is the foremost provider of online health education to college and university students. Its flagship product, AlcoholEdu, has set the standard for online alcohol education. AlcoholEdu, currently in use at hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide, works to change individual behavior, as well as the culture of drinking on campus. It takes a scientific approach to teaching about alcohol and its effects on the body. With more than 1,000,000 students having taken the course, it is the world's most widely used online education course and the cornerstone of many institutions' comprehensive alcohol-abuse prevention programs. Outside the Classroom has also developed a suite of complimentary products including MentalHealthEdu, AlcoholEdu for Parents, and SexualAssaultEdu.

Suturtek (
SuturTek is a medical device company with a portfolio of products that precisely replicate traditional hand-suturing techniques based upon its patented platform technology. These products provide faster, easier, safer suturing in both open and minimally invasive procedures. Currently, its fascia and sternum closure devices are available for sale, and its next product will be a minimally invasive suturing device with multiple applications.

Pet Paradise Resort (
Pet Paradise Resort has developed a resort-themed model for providing luxury accommodations and services for pets. Dogs enjoy spacious, indoor/outdoor suites, as well as swimming and playing with their friends in a dog bone-shaped pool surrounded by a field turf playground. Cats stay in indoor, multi-level kitty "condos." Bathing and grooming facilities are also available so that pets can look their best when their owners pick them up. Pet Paradise currently operates six facilities in the Southeast.

Recent Exits
Advanced Disposal Services, Inc. (
Advanced Disposal Services, Inc., is a diversified solid waste disposal company with operations in Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. Through its subsidiaries, ADS provides waste collection, transfer, and disposal services. In July of 2006, AIG Highstar Capital agreed to re-capitalize the company in a $470 million transaction that positioned it for future growth and expansion.

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