m2m logom2m Imaging Corporation www.m2mimaging.com m2m Imaging Corporation, f/k/a Supertron Technologies, Inc., makes revolutionary solutions for life sciences applications in the MR (Magnetic Resonance), PET, CT and SPECT analytical, pre-clinical and clinical research environments. Its MRI coil and accessory portfolio consists of thousands of products that have provided customer solutions for applications stretching through field strengths from 0.2T to 21T. m2m Imaging offers a wide range of clinical and pre-clinical MRI products (including cryogenic coils, phased array coils, and conventional coils), as well as imaging accessories for MRI, PET, CT, SPECT environments (animal beds, phantoms, physiological monitoring, and heating), and has often made custom coils for specific applications.

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Our mission is to serve as investors and advisors in seed and early stage companies operated by entrepreneurs possessing the energy, vision, passion, and values to build successful enterprises. We are relationship-oriented, long-term investors committed to providing outstanding support to our portfolio companies.

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